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Updated: Apr 7

"Titan National: Setting the Standard in Expert Witness Services"

In 2018, I started Titan National Consulting Group.  My goal was to create a company that offered only the highest quality expert witness services, specifically in Law Enforcement Best Practices, Use of Force, K9 operations, Complex Investigations, and Private Security Operations.  These areas centered on my experience as a law enforcement professional with 30 years of experience with the Los Angeles Police Department. In addition, I would also be able to offer expert work in the private security industry since I have owned and operated a security company in the greater Los Angeles area for several years.  My vision was to have a company that was based not only on providing opinions that were within a scientific probability but also on adding the real-life experience of an expert who had done the work, actually had the tactical experience, and then transitioned to positions of supervision, management, and leadership.  

Since 2018, Titan National has grown exponentially.  From 2018 through 2023, Titan National has been part of some of the most significant cases in the country, including Vanessa Bryant v. The County of Los Angeles and as a consulting expert in the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard matter. Titan National has been involved in plaintiff cases with over 55 million dollars in settlements and awards during this period.  Titan National group members have also worked as defense experts for multiple municipalities.  We take cases if we believe in them and only offer the most ethical and comprehensive expert consulting and testimony.  

In 2023, I expanded Titan National Consulting Group and added six additional experts to the Group.  These experts cover additional public safety areas, including pursuit driving, corrections, ballistics, firearms, TASER usage and sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence.  Titan National has far-reaching relationships within the law enforcement community.  We will find the experts you need if we don’t have them. 

Please look at our website www., or call me directly at 661-607-4324.  We also can provide references from our client list. 

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