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Our Services

We offer expert witness services in the following areas:  Law Enforcement Best Practices, including use of force, shooting policy, ballistics, firearms,  K9 operations, police tactics, pursuit and emergency vehicle operations policy, crowd management, less lethal munitions, major scene management, and police internal discipline.  Corrections best practices, including federal and state facilities, Correctional Facility use of force, tactical operations, and administrative policies.  Police Aviation and General Aviation Safety 

Security/Premise Liability

We offer expert witness services that cover security guard training and licensing, negligent retention, significant event, and account staffing, pre-planning and coordination with law enforcement, use of force, deadly force, and private security best practices. 



Expert Witness

Expert testimony is the testimony made by a qualified person about a scientific, technical, or professional issue. Experts are often called upon to testify due to his/her familiarity with the subject or special training in the field.

Areas of Expertice

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