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Our Services

We offer Law Enforcement expert witness services that cover police use of force, positional asphyxia, officer involved shootings, pursuit policy, K9 operations  police labor-hiring and retention and termination (including Brady issues), homicide, wrongful death and other complex investigations including, homicide, criminal conspiracy, assault, robbery, kidnap for ransom, extortion and murder for hire.


Security/Premise Liability

We offer expert witness services that cover security guard training and licensing, negligent retention, major event and account staffing, pre-planning and coordination with law enforcement, use of force, use of deadly force and private security best practices. 


I spent twelve years as the Officer-in-Charge of the most important investigative units on the Los Angeles Police Department, including The Special Investigation Section, Homicide Special, Robbery-Homicide Division and the FBI Violent Crime Task Force-Los Angeles. 

Expert Witness

Expert testimony is the testimony made by a qualified person about a scientific, technical, or professional issue. Experts are often called upon to testify due to his/her familiarity with the subject or special training in the field.

Private Investigations

Adam Bercovici has been working as a licensed private investigator since his retirement from the LAPD, handling cases that range from corporate compliance, to work place violence, to criminal defense work, child custody and divorce, trademark theft and more.

Adam provides background investigations at a reasonable cost for a variety of pre employment areas, including nannies, caregivers and pre-partnership due diligence.

Accreditations, degrees, licenses, and certificates granted

  • Claremont McKenna College, B.A. English
  • California POST Certificates Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Supervisor and Management
  • California Licensed Investigator PI 188557
  • Oregon Private Investigator PI 99552
  • Certified International Investigator
  • Council of International Investigators
  • World Association of Detectives

Affiliations and memberships

  • California Association of Licensed Investigators
  • Council of International Investigators
  • Association of Work Place Investigators

Teaching and speaking experience

Mr. Bercovici has been quoted and used as an expert by multiple media sources both in the written press and via multiple on camera appearances for the major cable networks.

Services we offer

  • Expert Witness
  • Consulting
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • On-site evaluations and inspections
  • Support for counsel during depositions
  • Deposition and review
  • Professional Investigations

Areas of Expertice

Law Enforcement

  • Premise Liability-Security Guard Operations for both defense and plaintiff. I am currently retained on multiple cases in this specific area. K9 operations and best practices.
  • Shooting Policy
  • K9 Operations and Policy
  • Police Internal Affairs Best Practices
  • Police Management and Supervision
  • Major Crime Scene Management
  • Police Socialization and Culture
  • Criminal Investigation Review-Complex Felony Investigations ( Specifically to opine if investigators followed policy, legal and constitutional requirements). I have been retained for opposing expert review and to provide expert advice during a witness deposition.
  • Wrongful Death Cases. I have also been retained as an expert on police practices in criminal defense cases.
  • Police Use of Force, both in plaintiff and criminal defense.
  • Private Investigations Best Practices.
  • Police undercover operations
  • Surveillance Operations
  • Police Pursuit Policy
  • Police discipline and Internal Investigations ( Specifically Brady issues and how they apply to police employment)
  • Criminal Conspiracy
  • Homicide and Kidnapping

Security and Premise Liability

  • Security Guard Training, Licensing
  • Negligent Retention
  • Negligent Security Systems and Deployment
  • Major Event and account staffing
  • Pre-planning and coordination with Law Enforcement
  • Use of Force
  • Use of Deadly Force
  • Security Best Practices
  • Private Investigations Best Practices