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Adam Bercovici

CEO-Group Coordinator

Law Enforcement Best Practices, Use of Deadly Force, K-9 Operations, Active Shooter, Major Scene Management, Crowd Management, Less-Lethal tools,  Complex investigations-1983  , Police Internal Discipline, Private Security Best Practices & Use of Force

Adam Bercovici is a retired LAPD Lieutenant and a nationally recognized police Policy Expert who offers 40+ years of proven law enforcement, security, investigative, and consultative experience and who serves as a subject matter expert across all facets of police initiatives in high-risk, high-demand environments.  Adam has been retained as an expert in some of the most important cases in the last decade.  He is arguably one of the most sought-after police-policy experts in the United States.   His areas of expertise include the following:  Shooting Policy, Use of Deadly Force, K9 operations, Crowd Management, Use of Less Lethal Munition, Major Scene Management, law enforcement discipline, private security best practices, private security use of force, private security hiring and retention. 


During his 30-year career with the LAPD, Adam led some of the most elite units in that organization, including the Special Investigation Section and Homicide Special.  Post 9-11, Adam commanded one of the largest field elements assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force Los Angeles. 

Adam is a Highly Accomplished Leader who exhibits advanced knowledge of law enforcement trends, best practices, and protocols and contributes talent in working with national and international and/or public—and private-sector clients with utmost confidentiality and professionalism. 


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Sean Price

Corrections, Prisons, Penal Systems

Sean is a retired correctional professional with over 24 years of service with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Sean worked at the ground level in the Federal Prison system over the course of his career and was promoted to the position of manager.  Sean has managerial and operational knowledge of various security-level correctional facilities. Sean has supervised correctional staff and inmates at the Administrative (jail), Medium, and Minimum-security prisons including a Mental Health-3 level (high intensity) inmate housing unit. 

Sean has held collateral duty as a member of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) for a period of 20 years as a squad leader, tactical trainer, rappel master, and self-defense instructor.  In addition, Sean has generated the Admission and Orientation Handbook for the Federal Correctional Institution and Satellite Camp, Sheridan, Oregon.  Sean has prepared, facilitated, and coordinated with regional staff in conducting the Institutional Climate Profile. This is an in-depth and critical audit of the security and daily operations of the correctional facility encompassing department program reviews, safety and sanitation, operational effectiveness, emergency preparedness, offender programming, fiscal controls, staff training and development, and American Correctional Association Accreditation.  Sean has been designated as the Person Most Qualified in the course of civil litigation  He is a subject matter expert in areas of policy, use of force, supervision, and correctional tactical operations.


Jack H. Schonely 

Aviation Safety, Police Tactics, Use of Force, Police Aviation

Jack has worked on the front lines of law enforcement for over 36 years.  Retired after 31 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, as a Command Pilot assigned to LAPD Air Support Division but continues to instruct, consult, and write on a wide variety of tactical and aviation topics.  Jack is an internationally recognized expert on the subject of suspect tactics and perimeter containment.  Jack has developed and instructed a law enforcement tactical class titled Apprehending Fleeing Suspects.  Jack has instructed thousands of law enforcement officers across the entire United States, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, and Slovenia. In addition, Jack has instructed law enforcement patrol and aviation units around the world in both classroom and scenario-based training on the following topics.


Tactical Flight Officer Selection and Training

Airborne Surveillance Tactics

Air Support to K-9 Operations

Crew Resource Management for Law Enforcement Air Crews

Risk Analysis for LE

Helicopter Patrol Tactics

UAS (Unmanned Arial System) Tactics, Communication, and Search Techniques


Kelly Couch 

Emergency Vehicle Operations, Use of Force,  Pursuit Management, Criminal  Investigations Expert

Kelly Couch is a pursuit management, emergency driving, use of force, and patrol tactics expert with over 30 years of practical experience in law enforcement operations, complex criminal and administrative investigations, and law enforcement training. After a successful career in law enforcement, including patrol, field training and evaluation, department in-service training, and four years as a Major Crimes Team Investigator, Kelly spent over five years training law enforcement recruits in the areas of emergency vehicle operations, pursuit management, vehicle stop tactics, and patrol tactics. Instrumental in developing emergency driving and pursuit management curriculum and delivering training in law enforcement emergency response and pursuit tactics at a state-wide law enforcement training facility to thousands of police recruits.


Jeremy E. Stafford

Firearms, Ballistics, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force

Jeremy Stafford served as the LAPD Department Firearms Subject Matter Expert. He wrote or re-wrote every lesson plan that touched on anything involving firearms training. Jeremy personally led the firearms training instructor programs, encompassing all handgun, rifle, and shotgun training. He also led the teams that assessed department firearms and firearms related needs and  established the first written LAPD firearms testing protocol. In the wake of the Mumbai terrorist attacks Jeremy  worked directly with the Office of the Chief to develop the LAPD MACTAC response plan that has become the national standard for multiple location terrorist response and received the California POST Excellence in Training Award. As part of the program development, Jeremy led the team that reviewed and approved the new equipment that officers would be approved to use,including holsters, plate carriers, hard armor, shields, and enhanced duty gear. As the LAPD Firearms and ballistics Subject Matter Expert Jeremy also provided counsel to command staff regarding policy interpretations as well as providing expert testimony to the City and District Attorney’s offices.

Jeremy has also done extensive ballistics and firearms research as the lead writer and researcher for a major firearms magazine.  He is considered one of the leading experts in firearms, both pistol and rifle technology and ballistics in the United States and Europe. 


In addition to his firearms expertise Jeremy was the director of Military and Law Enforcement training for the Krav Maga Alliance.  In this role he created all hand-to-hand training content and Krav Maga Alliance training division.  Jeremy is a decorated Marine, who served in Iraq as Civil Affairs Chief. 


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TASER Use, Drug Recognition Expert ( DRE) DWI Enforcement, Traffic, Use of Force, 

Ken Slocum is the former Traffic Safety Program Manager, State Drug Recognition Expert Coordinator of Arkansas. Ken oversaw the operations for the education of the state of Arkansas for Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Advanced Roadside Detection Impairment Enforcement, and the Drug Recognition Expert programs.


Ken’s area of expertise is TASER use by LEO,  DWI enforcement, Drug and Alcohol Impairment, Impairment Post Incident Reconstruction, Police Traffic Radar, Use of Force, Police Control Tactics, Less Lethal Force, Duty to Intervene, and In Custody/Post Custody Care.


Prior to working for the Criminal Justice Institute, Ken was a patrol deputy at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. Ken also served as Training Sergeant for the Union Parish Sheriff’s Department (Louisiana). He is a 23-year veteran police officer that has received numerous commendations and recommendations.    He has also served in various divisions and had numerous special assignments including DRE, detective, bicycle and marine patrol duties.  He has achieved an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate in Arkansas and P.O.S.T. Certificates in Louisiana. He was the recipient of a Silver Star, Meritorious Conduct, and several Life Saving awards.


Ken has provided legal updates and education for all of Arkansas Law Enforcement training academies in this capacity. He has also worked with several state law makers to create legislation for the 2021 Arkansas Legislative Session. Ken has also provided training for law enforcement, defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and numerous private groups. He has coordinated DWI saturation patrols and DWI check points with multiple agencies including the Arkansas State Police and Louisiana State Police.


Ken has been certified as a Field Training Officer, General Instructor (Arkansas), Use of Force Instructor, Instructor Certification with The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homicide Investigation, Crime Scene Management, and Evidence Recovery (FBI), and Louisiana Ethics Instructor.


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Richard Nance

SWAT, Firearms, Use of Force

Richard Nance served as a police officer and sergeant with a Northern California Police Department for 25 years where, in addition to patrol, he was assigned to the Investigations Bureau and as a K9 handler. He was the department’s lead Defensive Tactics Instructor from 2001 until his promotion to sergeant in 2019, at which time he became the Defensive Tactics Program Supervisor and acted as a member of the department’s Use of Force Review Board.


In addition to Weaponless Defense, Richard taught Impact Weapons, Firearms (pistol, rifle, shotgun), Low Light Shooting, Live Fire Shoothouse Operations, Taser, Simunitions, Less Lethal Munitions, Active Shooter Response, Tactical Driving, and Temporary Holding Facility Operations. Richard implemented the Use of Force Simulator program for the department. He served as a department Armorer for Colt AR-15 rifles, Glock pistols, and Penn Arms 40mm less lethal launchers.


Richard was a SWAT Team Member for over 12 years, including stints as the SWAT Team Leader as both an officer and as a sergeant. With his martial arts background, which includes a second-degree black belt ranking in Karate and extensive unarmed combatives training, Richard developed techniques and tactics for firearm retention and handling unarmed, non-compliant individuals during SWAT operations. 


Richard has written articles on training, tactics, and firearms that have appeared in law enforcement publications such as Police Magazine, the ILEETA Journal, and CATO News (a publication of the California Association of Tactical Officers). Additionally, he has authored hundreds of articles for national magazines such as Guns & Ammo, Handguns, Black Belt, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, and Combat Handguns. His book, “gunFIGHT!” was a bestseller for Blue 360 Media (formerly Looseleaf Law Publications).


Richard is the Technology Editor of Guns & Ammo Magazine and the Self-Defense Editor of Handguns Magazine. He developed and starred in training videos for Panteao Productions and Paladin Press. Richard co-hosts the Sportsman Channel series, “Handguns” and the Outdoor Channel series, “The Best Defense”.  He also frequently appears on “Guns & Ammo TV”, also airing on the Sportsman Channel.

 (925) 584-9194

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Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Stalking

Karen joined the Los Angels Police Department in 1994. During her career, she worked a variety of assignments, but found her calling as a detective in 2008. She has worked a variety of different investigative assignments like Gangs, Narcotics and Burglary, but her passion was as a Sexual Assault Investigator. The vast majority of her investigative experience was in the areas of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Stalking related Crimes. Because these cases are generally 'one on one' with very little corroboration, they require a comprehensive level of evidence gathering, which often includes a specific skill set in forensic interview and/or interrogation. These cases also require a delicate balance of victim management to either support or potentially un-substantiate the allegations. As a parent of a special needs child, Karen has also drawn from her personal experience on multiple occasions when she has found herself investigating cases involving developmentally disabled victims. She has completed courses in advanced Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Threat Management Investigations, but the success has been in the results of her investigation and prosecution of thousands of cases within the City of Los Angeles. Prior to her career in law enforcement, she successfully earned by Bachelor's Degree in Communications from California Lutheran University. She has extensive experience working with the media and written for multiple publications over the years.


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